A simple answer would be: it's learning by doing. Believe it or not, there still exist schools that are not familiar with the term nor willing to find out what it´s all about. Our experience has showed us that there are plenty of schools out there, that prefer and promote educational learning methods stuck in the 1950s. We´ve witnessed incredibly bored children copying non-stop from the blackboard, memorizing texts they do not comprehend as daily homework while being reprimanded for not excelling in paying enough attention to a 55 minute lecture, which at the end of the day made no sense and failed to inspire them.

It´s sad and worrying. Sad because even if teachers saw how pointless their lesson might have been, they´re not willing to make an effort to change their teaching style for the benefit of their students. And worrying because there is a huge number of those teachers out there, lecturing children and hindering their creativity and sense of achievement. 

If you identify yourself with any of the above, our guess is that you´re either a de-motivated veteran teacher, a beginning teacher or a well prepared professional stuck in the wrong school culture. There´s a cure for it and we can certainly help you with it. Though before opening ourselves to the "world" of hands-on learning, we should sit down and think of taking a more valiant step: that of acknowledging our weaknesses and doing something about them. Not just for our professional sake but also for our students...